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Mexico city.- A rugged man while he was travelling in a bus, pulled out his penis and rubbed it into the pants of a woman who was at his side. The woman did not became aware of what was happening behind her, but another user began to record what was happening.

VIDEO "watch what you are doing" - THE DEBATE 1Video capture.

When the man realized that what they were recording, he showed a smile to the camera.

VIDEO "watch what you are doing" - THE DEBATE 2Video capture.

A user of public transport I declare the fact through a video, and the image of the sex offender already circulating on social networks.

In the videos you can see the embarrasing moment that the man pulled out his member, stopped it with his hand and, taking advantage of the moving of the unit, carved into the pants of a young man.

The user who has shared the images confronted the subject:

“I’m recording it, eh,” he said. He just laughed.

VIDEO "watch what you are doing" - THE DEBATE 3Video capture.

“Look at what you are doing,” warned the who recorded the victim before they cut the video.


It is unknown the identity of the harasser and the site in which the incident occurred.

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