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A home with a responsible owner, where you will provide the care that it deserves. That is the best place for a dog, pet animals that have already earned the nickname of man’s best friends.

In Villa Allende, in the Dog Shelter to Revive, there are 250 animals waiting to be adopted. There are of all ages and sizes and, thanks to the work that goes on there is doing rehabilitation behavioral, are able to join a family and respond to instructions and orders.

They are all registered. Each one has a name and it is registered in a form with your photo in the kingdom age, size, and coat, and healthy. They are vaccinated and are monitored regularly by a veterinarian. The females are spayed and males are expected to do the same in the coming months.

Mainly the space operates as a place of transit. The abandoned dogs or on the street, many even in a very bad state, are rescued and taken to the shelter to be cared for and recovered. Immediately, you put them up for adoption is responsible.

For that objective is met and there has not been a setback in the process, is applied from the beginning of the year the program of rehabilitation behavioral. Sebastian Garrone is an educator and canine officer municipal shelter. Is the one who is bringing forward this task.

Of to groups of 20, separating the animals and works with them in a treatment of systematic desensitization, a term perhaps very academic but, in short, aims to stimulate and stabilize the dog so that they can coexist with humans and to teach them habits of behavior and socialization.

“Until now, it was taking into account only the physical part of the animal and meet the basic needs. No account was taken of the part psychic and social dog. And this caused that the difficulty of finding an adopter. They were not accustomed to a leash or to move up to a car, because the canes have a lot of fear”, explained the manager in dialogue with Day-to-Day.

Since you are applying this system, of the dogs of this sector that were given up for adoption, was not returned none. Even, doing this work, were detected in dogs with special abilities, able to collaborate in tasks of rescue or as guide.

The coach also trained municipal staff working in the shelter, performing the tasks of maintenance and cleaning and feeding the animals. To them, he taught them how to treat dogs to avoid that they would behave aggressively. In addition, collaborates with the family prospective adoptive parent in order to establish a harmonious relationship with the dog.


The place works from almost 20 years ago, in an area adjacent to the dustbin of Villa Allende, in a terrain donated by the quarries, The Ombú. It was held always mainly thanks to the volunteering.

In 2016, the Municipality of Villa Allende took over the management of the shelter and, since then, works together with a group of volunteers from the Association to Revive, who already had been performing that task.

The municipality is in charge of paying the salaries of four employees who clean and maintain the premises, in addition to feed the dogs. And appointed a manager, who is also the educator canine.

A group of 10 volunteers, for its part, is responsible for giving in adoption, the dogs, promoting responsible ownership. But, in addition, collect donations and money to buy food and cover the extra expenses.

“Our main objective is to promote adoptions and to ensure that the animal does not return to the street. The sheltering in place is a place of transit and the stuffed animals need a home with a family that can adopt and provide them with the basic needs and, above all things, that they love,” said Bethlehem, one of the volunteers.

The guys usually undertaken campaigns in the Sports centre in Villa Allende. Made a fair of dishes to raise money and take the puppies for people to know. You can also visit them at the shelter. And although the cubs are the very elect, Bethlehem highlighted the advantages and the benefits of adopting an adult. “Is already determined his character, his size and not break. Some are more guardians” lists.

With respect to adoptions, it is very simple. The family prospective adoptive parent signs an agreement, and the volunteers performed a follow-up to confirm that the dog is doing well with his new home.

Source: Via Country

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