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Fresnillo.- Claudia Rodríguez Bustamante, director of the association of Pet Loss and Adoption of Fresnillo AC., said that Fresnillo is located in code red due to an overpopulation of stray animals.

The main objective of this association is to sterilize pets to prevent further play; however, Rodriguez Bustamante felt that society doesn’t matter the topic because in the last dates in which they called for sterilizing, maximum flock to four people with their animals.

“Our partnership should be about 15 thousand pesos to the various vets who have helped us each time we receive an animal in a condition to be treated, so we sell cakes to raise money that we could bring the city”, he emphasized.

He explained that the resources in this type of associations are typical, so they are putting together a folder to show everything that they spend and the animals they have helped.

The above with the intention of go with the mayor, Jose Haro of the Tower, to ask for support and they have advised that Economic Development must have resource for the animals of the municipality.

“Everyone says that will help us and at the time that the deal with go away; they go several aldermen that we only seek to stop the neck, but at the end of the day, or we turn to look,” said Rodriguez Bustamante.

He added that currently they have 20 animals in search of home, in addition to that per day given three adoption; however, he added that daily receive 10 to 20 complaints of pet losses and, in the case of dogs, only 50 percent of them back with his family.

Despite the fact that have a month in which they were named association, the association carries 10 years helping pets that are homeless due to abandonment, loss or other situation that puts her life at risk.

To conclude, Rodriguez Bustamante reported that in the colony Abel Dávila García there are more dogs than inhabitants.

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