Warns humane about poisoning of dogs … – Municipalities Puebla (press Release) (blog)

Izúcar de Matamoros, Pue.- The protective association of animals «Paws Painted» in the municipality of Izúcar de Matamoros, reported cases of poisoning of dogs in streets of the river district, so they requested the intervention of municipal authorities.

The member of the group, Daniel Vargas, pointed out that in the last few weeks have found dead animals in the colonies and barrios of the municipality, in almost all cases died after having been poisoned.

In this regard, they called for the intervention of the stage management of Health, headed by Javier Cázares, as this also represents a public health problem.

By the above, indicated that they sent trades to the Municipality to curb such a situation, through actions such as campaigns free spay and awareness about responsible pet ownership.

Finally, he recalled that according to the animal protection law of the state of Puebla, the local Councils are responsible for generating public policies for the related topic with the fauna of each zone, however, until the time Izúcar of Matamoros does not have such a policy.

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