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Tiger fight to keep living after a firecracker will explode in the muzzle yesterday at noon. The stray dog is known by the neighbors in the microcentro mendocino and was seriously injured when employees of two federations of municipal unions of the province were calling at the doors of the assistant secretary of Labor better wages, among other aspects.

The protesters used to be heard not only loud, but also pyrotechnics, high-impact. Apparently, the animal, troubled by the noise and the crowd of people began to bark altered by the context, approached one of the explosives, and wanted to bite him and ended up estallándole in the snout.

Immediately after the dog was taken by employees of the State Prosecutor’s office until a veterinarian located in Godoy Cruz, where he was treated for urgency. As explained by the veterinarian Adrian Baron, the animal came with «a cranial trauma and cerebral edema. Also had a fracture twice in the jaw and a destruction of soft tissues, in addition to a major hemorrhage».

Until last night Tiger remained stable but in danger, to the care of the medical of the veterinary.
«There is still a long way to go. You must first improve the state of the brain, and later we’ll repair the fracture. If there is no neurological damage central is very likely to be saved. The first 48 hours are crucial», explained the specialist while applied corticosteroids and accommodated in the table of surgeries.

Social support
Once known the news of Tiger by the media, her photo began to circulate on the networks and organised a major campaign to raise funds. The help was not long in coming, as dozens of people came spontaneously to the veterinary to leave donations of money for the animal honoured in the best way.

Were so many interested that in a short time he gathered together the silver needed. The remaining will be left in a fund to help other dogs in the street or to the same Tiger during the treatment you will need after the surgery that will apply to you. Who actively participated in his care was the grouping Dogs of the Square, dedicated to to ensure the street from the center.

Mauro Ayala (24) and his girlfriend Estefania Jeria (28) were two of mendocinos who came to lend a hand by offering their savings to donate. «I know the dog and it was painful to see their status,» said Ayala. Mirta Barros (58) member of the protection of animals said: «This is regrettable, we do not want to have more dogs on the street, we need people to help us, because we are all responsible for what happens to these animals».

A donor’s particular
A labrador rescued from a context of violence, was the one who donated the blood needed for that Tiger will stabilize during the first hours after the explosion. Cinnamon came by moving the queue along with its owner, Gaston Smordel (39). «I have it three years ago at home, but the dog is five years old. Before it belonged to a family that had tied had cut the vocal cords to that there will and was beaten and very thin,» recalls his new master.

Away from that awful past, now Cinnamon looks extra pounds, hair blond, bright, and was transformed into one of the participants, more important than the recovery of the Tiger, that in spite of the tremendous burst received insists on getting ahead.

The attack of this animal will be investigated by the Justice, and has already opened an investigation to determine responsibilities (see part).

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