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(General Pico) – In commemoration of the Day of the Animal shelter city opened its doors yesterday from 10 in the morning for those who want to take there pet. This type of campaigns are successful, and throughout the year ensures that many animals will find a home but at the same time the abandonment adds more dogs to the shelter.
The coordinator of Development on the Environment, Karen Olguin, noted that there are always between 200 and 300 animals in the shelter because although there are adoptions that still leave dogs tied to the fence outside of the shelter, with boxes of puppies at the entrance and in addition they rescue those who are injured and lost in the street.
“We want people to know about the shelter. While there is much to improve because it is an old construction that was built before the emergency that the city faced by overpopulation canine, is a permanent work that is being done,” said the official.
In regards to adoption you must ensure it is responsible, he noted, because if someone takes the dog to his house but she is planning to leave loose in the street still remain the problem.
As the main cause of abandonment, Olguin considered that has to do with the animal’s behavior. In reality it is a question that the owner should go work for the dog accustomed to your home, family and way of life, because it is a process of knowledge that is given with the time. Another cause is often the lack of resources to maintain the pet. However, the neighbor should not have neglect as a possibility, and if not what can be would have to find a new home, he said.
Castration free, with campaigns continuing from several years ago in this city, is delivering results, she said. And also leads on the anti-rabies vaccination.

A shelter.
Today the shelter is open for those who are going to adopt and it also adds routes for the local colleges. The economic maintenance is done with a position in the municipal fees and depends in general of the commune. In addition, it is important to the constant collaboration of the Association Pampas of cruelty to Animals (APPA), the College of Medical Veterinary and the Faculty of Veterinary Science.
Within the regulations are expected to the regulations of an ordinance that states that dogs found in the street without an id will be taken and castrated. And we are analyzing the best way of making the registration of pets.
In the cases of animal abuse, when it is a canine that was injured or neglected by a human, requires the complaint to the Justice act, because Olguin explained that since the commune is the only thing that can be triggered is from a failure in which interference by the Court of Misdemeanours.
On the other hand, in the day of today will also continue the campaign of awareness and adoption with a stand in the Sector Canine together with the one that will be available at the Plaza Dry from 10 in the morning.

Victims of the racing
The Greyhounds are part of the guests from the shelter, now a healthy and calm they are in their dog runs but not admitted in these conditions. They are animals that are left on the premises, or that are found in the streets and always arrive with wounds or some kind of physical problem that does not make you fit to run a race. With legs broken, deafness, blindness, and even the evidence of a neglect of long-term scabies and ticks are unwelcome, and then begins a period of recovery until you are ready to be adopted.

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