«We will not prevent the ‘Easter Bull'» – Day

2017 04 12 pascua toro

Humane society reject this activity.

The coordinator of the humane Society, Libya Orellana mentioned that do not prevent the development of the Easter Bull, during the Saturday of Glory.

«It is regrettable that the authorities and the prosecutor’s office to authorize this event of mistreatment of animals. They are trying to disguise a traditional custom for a trade and economic benefit. We’re not going to prevent the ‘Pull Bull’, but we will take actions depending on the conditions in which we find the bulls,» he said.
He added that at the end of the activity, will have to wait to the bulls, a veterinarian, to evaluate the physical state of the animal.

Also, Libya Orellana said that they will continue the defence of animals at national and international levels, with the purpose of eradicating this event.

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