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The joy of the protective of animals of company, from the 17th February last, was sanctioned by the Ordinance 477/15 of Responsible Care of Animals, which means a considerable advancement for the care of pets.

From 2015 the standard was approved to pending regulation and implementation. It consists of 18 items which provides for the holding of dogs of great size and strength of the jaw in addition to allow a trigger to allegations of abuse and irresponsibility animal.

Since it appeared in the Official Gazette, bet to be a new tool for groups of rescuers of urban fauna who work in the city to save the lives of abandoned dogs and cats in the street, so as to act in conjunction with the local authorities to the complaints they receive daily cases of abuse and violence towards pets.

On the topic, from The Animal Shelter, one of your volunteers, Vanesa Florentín, indicated to the FIRST EDITION that according to what is stipulated “it is obligatory to register which is going to be on line during 15 days, it will be an affidavit of registration of the animal, then they are going to have to go to certify all the data personally.”

This will mean a method of control by one side for the dogs of great size and strength of bite, on the other hand will provide a record of all those people who are negligent in the care of animals and animal abusers are repeat offenders.

From this humane ensure that cases of violence are seen more and more each day and is that in recent times there is a greater “visibility” of the cases thanks to the social networks. The abuse has always existed, but now there are more ways to fight against it and this ordinance adds a real breakthrough, as-according to what was expressed by the voluntary- “before we didn’t have anything.”

On the other hand, having to register to pets also means that their caregivers should have the appropriate certification, vaccination and veterinary control, as the entity in charge will request those data at the time of registration.

Responsible for applying it

In terms of the way in which you are going to implement responsible tenure in Posadas, “the Imusa is going to be the control agency and the implementing authority,” he said Florentín.

By being witnesses of violence towards animals, this institution “also finds the violation to be a municipal ordinance, is required to make a criminal complaint by the Law 14.346 animal protection. The aggressor is going to have two types of penalties: a municipal Court of Misdemeanours that are going to be the fines, and the other by the examining magistrate in the case to corroborate the crime.”

A new figure

Another advance amount is the creation and visibility of situations of collective care that are carried out in certain neighborhoods and places. From The Animal Shelter said that “the truth is that we were very happy with the ordinance, we were able to put the figure of the animal community: they are animals without a caregiver given are protected and cared for by the same neighbors in your block you have an animal that does a lot of lives out there and is not adopted, between all the neighbors care what they sterilize the experience, you can sometimes see in the service stations, you see a lot unfortunately because this should not be so”.

The dogs “dangerous”

In Posadas, there were several cases of people attacked by dogs, which meant a sort of social condemnation towards some races. In certain cases, the attacks had very serious consequences, as happened with the grandfather of the neighborhood Tacurú, who lost a leg by the bite of the pit bulls of her son.

In Cocomarola West, last month, a couple of pit bulls kill another dog in the eyes of the neighbours who filmed the event and shared it in social networks. And the neighbors of barrio Santa Lucia organized a exhibition community with the police due to the danger represented by four boxers and a rottweiller that tend to be loose in the streets attacking passers-by.

Some breeds are at the center of allegations by attacks, which continue to appear every day. But who are the real perpetrators of the attacks of the breeds of large size: the animals or those who raise them?

The rescuer of animals, Vanessa Florentín clarifies that “naming them as dogs of the extreme strength of the jaw, we do not say dangerous dogs. The pit bulls that call attention to themselves with so many cases of attacks that you see in the media, for example. It should be noted that there is no dangerous dog, but the problem is the owner, is not that the dog is bad. The responsibility has to fall on the person and not about the animal, there are people who should not have these dogs, we have experience with dogs as well in The Shelter and you have to have a particular presence with the animal and he needs to understand that you’re the boss; if not, you’ll dominate. That is why it is not for anyone. The registration of dogs of extreme strength of the jaw points to your shelter”.


The Animal Shelter houses more than 200 animals that were rescued or simply abandoned in place. With much effort, Etelvina Sorghe and his team of volunteers, work daily, looking for collaboration to keep these animals clean, warm and with food journal.

But this last is always necessary, since on a daily basis will consume 90 kilos of balanced food. Therefore, all those who want to collaborate can do so by donating food for adults and puppies, to dogs and cats.

For more information and to reach the donation contact with the page of Facebook The Animal Shelter or by calling the cell phone 3764 664629.

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