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There are many terms that define the places where dogs and other domestic animals can stay. There are kennels, shelters, the humane society… they are all the same or there are some differences that distinguish them?

Despite the fact that many people think that these terms mean the same thing, that is not how it works. Each entity serves a different function. According to our needs at the time of adopting a dog or depending on what our pet has, go to one or another entity.

what are they and what are they for the canis?



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The canis are bodies created by the city councils of the municipalities or cities with the aim of collecting the animals from the streets. The Animal Protection Law provides that this is as it should be: all the city and municipality must have an entity that takes care of the animals missing and a host, for a minimum of 20 days until its owner.

It is important to indicate that this is not a non-profit association, but a business. The town councils pay these companies to do the “dirty work”.

How is the canis

When the animal arrives, the first thing you do is to make sure that it has a microchip, and to try to enter in contact with the owner of it. If he disappeared, what is more common is that the owner appears as soon as possible. But, if it does not, it is possible that the animal has been abandoned. If within the period of 20 days, no one to claim possession of the animal, or no one wants to adopt, from the 21st day nursery has the authorization to euthanize him, without being accused of being practicing a crime.

what is and what is it the humane society

The first thing you should know is that the protective, yes, they are voluntary organizations. They are concerned for the welfare of the animals, without charging anything for it.

In the society for the protection of the animals, the animals are not sacrificed for the cause of a terminal illness or something of extreme pain that there is no other solution that does not put an end to the life of the animal.

in The societies of animals working volunteers who are paid nothing for their work. They are dedicated to collect animals from the streets, who are abandoned or those animals whose owners do not want more reseño, and that lead to there.

In addition, they try to go to the canis, and save the animals that already are going to be slaughtered. If you don’t have enough space to keep them, they come in contact with the societies of other cities to know if it would be possible to transfer. And, through social networks spur the adoption of these animals, through the publication of photos and videos of the animals protected.

These associations are dedicated to the care of the animals, providing the animals with food, water, veterinary care and all that is necessary. They do so thanks to the voluntary donations of animal lovers. These conditions are very different from those that live dogs are in the canis.

what is a shelter for animals?



The shelter for the animals, usually, welcomes those animals that have been victims of ill-treatment or who have been abandoned, and collaborate always with a humane society.

When a humane society does not have enough space to accommodate more animals, volunteer with big houses on offer to accomodate you. They need to have the ideal conditions to accommodate two or more animals on a temporary basis. at The time that the people who are going to adopt an animal are directed to a humane society, in general, they will be taken to the animal shelter because these animals have priority to be adopted.

If you want to create a shelter for just one animal, you can do this. You will have to host, only, a puppy or a kitten, temporarily until they find a permanent home. This, who knows, it will help you to decide if you really want to or do not have a pet. Perhaps, you do not want to return it after.

In summary, the canis are a business. Since the animal shelters and the societies of animals help the animals who are most disadvantaged. However, a society for the protection of animals must be legally registered, while a shelter can be any private house that is available to give protection to a animalzinho needed.


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