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A study conducted by researchers from the University of Glasgow and the Association for the protection Scotland»s Animal Welfare Charity gave to know what is the type of music he likes dogs.

Specialists have exposed the dogs to different types of music and evaluated the physiological changes and behaviour. After giving them to choose between pop music, classical, rock, and reggae, the dogs chose the last two.

In addition, during the study observed the effects that had the music on animals. The researchers were able to verify that, when the dogs heard certain varieties of rock and reggae, their stress levels down, and also showed variations in the heart rate.

The specialists noted that the animals “spent much more time lying down and much less standing when playing any type of music.“ In any case, the volume is the key because “the dogs can listen to a wide range of frequencies, more than human, listening in a better way.“

The study was carried out in the kennel of the humane Society, creating five separate lists on Spotify, the replications in different days by six hours. The researchers recorded the heart rate variability of dogs, their levels of cortisol (a hormone), and behaviors such as barking and lie down to listen to the tunes.

Finally, the music reggae and soft rock showed the greatest positive changes in the change of the canes, so that the humane Society of Scotland decided that you are going to invest in sound systems for their animals.

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