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They tend to be very gluttonous and we are tempted to share our food or give them the leftovers. However, it could be very dangerous, causing damage and even death. “If we speak of a healthy food such as chicken or fish perfectly, the dog can eat, but if we are talking about gallo pinto, rice, beans, fried foods and some ingredients, we’re going the wrong, because they are things that the dog can’t digest and will cause damage in the liver”, says Corinna Hoberg of the Canine Association of Nicaragua (Acan).
Read on and know what should and what should not eat your pet
Sweets and chocolates
Are particularly hazardous for any canine. They contain substances that the dog metabolizes very slowly, in addition, may cause diarrhea, hyperactivity and even a cardiac arrest.

Garlic and onions

Are a real poison to dogs and can cause intoxication, with symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and loss of appetite.
To many it may seem normal to give them to eat bones to the dogs, mainly because they like to roerlos, however, are harmful because they cause serious problems in the digestive system, the bone as chipping can cause wounds in the mouth, choking and bleeding to the stomach.
Although some may like to, most dogs are lactose intolerant. Although your dog take it without problem, it is best to give with measure. This can cause diarrhea.
You have to be careful with the mushrooms growing in some courtyards or gardens, because if your dog eats can cause diarrhea, vomiting and even death, because they contain toxins that affect your nervous system.
Caffeine affects your nervous system and your heart. Also cause diarrhea and vomiting.
The main food for dogs is meat, but not just any type of meat, white meat like chicken and fish is the most ideal.
The egg is not only a source of protein for the people it is also for your pet, so give you one that another egg to your dog it would not be wrong. Its easy digestion makes it a good food for your puppy, but should not be abused.
perros, comida para perros, mascotas, comida para mascotas


It is vital to. It is advisable to change the water at least two times per day and ensure that it is always clean.

The ideal

Although we are tempted to give home cooked food to our pets and indeed there are some foods that are not harmful for them, it is advisable to give food to dogs, since this comes specially balanced for them and contains all the necessary ingredients for its growth, development and nutrition.
When your pet is a puppy you have to feed him five times a day and then go to reducing the number of times, until she’s old enough to feed him once a day. In the afternoon is the best time to feed them because the low temperature, experts say. Canine Association Malaga

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