Why this group of turkeys is circling around a … – Gizmodo in Spanish

If the thanksgiving day is one of your dates and times favorite, this is the video more disturbing that you’re going to see. In him we can watch a group of turkeys by turning in the direction of the needles of the clock around a cat that seems to be dead, and nobody knows why.

“These turkeys are trying to give a tenth life to that cat.”

The strangest thing of all is that this is not the first time someone burns a turkey by turning it around something. Someone recorded this video of a turkey by turning around a headstone in a cemetery of Massachusetts in the year 2013. However, turning around of the corpse of a cat is even more sinister.

Why the hell they do this?

“I cannot say I have seen something similar before,” she told Gizmodo Debra Kriensky, a biologist in new york of the conservative society of wild birds, Audubon. “Turkeys are omnivores but practically the only thing they eat are nuts, seeds, and fruits, which gives us to understand that it is impossible to be interested in eating this cat.” For the biologist, the turkeys could simply be trying to figure out what that is (the cat) and what has happened to him.



Another biologist, agreed: “[the turkeys] are only making sure that it is not a threat to them,” he remarked to Gizmodo ‘s Mark Hatfield, part of the National Federation Protector of the Wild Turkeys. “What they do has more to do with curiosity, turkeys are animals that are very basic”.

Hatfield reminded me several times that I am not anthropomorphising the birds. They are not plotting anything sinister, it is much more likely to simply be a group of silly that it got caught in a loop following each other to try to avoid contact with that cat. “There is something interesting for the study of the biology,” I said. The turkeys simply met by instinct to see something that could be a predator. “They’re saying: ‘this is a threat, so I’m going to keep my distance from it while I keep the flock’”.

If the turkeys came to notice that the cat is up and about to them, volarían or would be undertaken immediately in order to escape the threat.

We have contacted other experts in turkeys to know if this type of behavior has an explanation that goes beyond the stupidity of these animals. Personally, I don’t think they are doing anything unusual. In the end, the humans turn around turkeys dead at least once a year. [via @TheReal_JDavis (Twitter)]

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