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The fact that it happened in January, when the defendant struck the can with a sledgehammer in the head. Veterinary rafaelinos managed to save the animal.

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A man of 49 years will have to donate 3 thousand pesos in concept of economical repair to the NGO Zoolidarios Rafaela, an entity which deals with protecting animals. So it was resolved by the judge Cristina Fortunato in an agreement of suspension of proof procedure (also known as probation) was Also established as a rule of conduct for the defendant the obligation to set address.

It was the first case in the city of Rafaela, in which an investigation by the MPA reaches an alternative solution through a probation.

The prosecutor Martín Castellano was in charge of the investigation of the case. Before the decision of the court, the clerk of MPA had been attributed to the imputed authorship of acts of cruelty against animals, according to what established in the national law number 14.346.

The facts

At a date not yet determined, although next to the last January 15, the accused hit him on the head with a sledgehammer –or similar item– a dog breed Bracco Vizla color marron in seven years. The animal was his property and lived in the same house.

The blow that he gave the accused the dog produced a bulge in the frontal region of the head of approximately 10 centimeters in diameter, and then checked the sag, and crepitus of the frontal bone.

The animal was attended to the next day being beaten by a veterinary doctor of Zoolidarios Rafaela. The professional provided him with the necessary treatment and avoided death.

The case was publicly known as the “Valentine’s day”, similar to the so-called “case-Chocolate” occurred in San Francisco (Córdoba)

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