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High temperatures can cause stress in dogs and other diseases such as heat stroke, due to when left for extended periods of time to such animals to the interior of the car, noticed the protective independent of animals, Bathsheba Torres Palomino.

Of equal way, he said that common to submit multiple climates in a single day, it is the case of cold temperature in the morning and evening, rain in the afternoon as well as heat at noon, canines, and other pets suffering from these changes intempestivos.

The previous explained because prior to the rainy period and winter, there is an increase in a 40 percent respiratory diseases or gastrointestinal in dogs and in other species or domestic livestock.

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The specialist said that many times these diseases are given because there is not adequate protection for the animal by their owners, to be irresponsible in the possession of these, to provide them with a house or site in which to take shelter from the rain, the cold or the heat.

The temperature as such does not affect them rather it is the carelessness that people have for the animals because when there is not a site of refuge harms the health of the can, to have them tied on the roof or in the courtyards without a space where they can be covered from the inclemency of the weather, the dogs of the street are safeguarded under the cars.”

He emphasized that the dogs can’t dissipate the heat because they do not have sweat glands, they do so with the bearings plantar or by means of panting through the muzzle.

In the case of the cats, he mentioned, they are caring for themselves, if you give them heat or suffer any kind is protected, however, the canes are at the expense of the owner.

Similar case happens with pigs, cows, domestic birds and animals for slaughter, which decreases its production due to weather conditions.

To exemplify with the dogs said that these days may be at risk of kennel cough, which is a kind of flu as that of humans, which is strong and curable.

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He denied that the rabies to be spread by the high temperatures, which is a myth, because the transmission makes a copy of it with the evil through the saliva.

In time of high temperatures hounds “suffer too much because they lack the ability to eject the heat, therefore, it is fatal to leave them inside the car because they are prone to suffer from heat stroke, it means that their brain functions cease to exist, consequently comes the death”.

In this context, the best temperature for them is the cold as they adapt or tolerate more, although he warned there will be to avoid as much as possible to expose them to climates too many icy-cold draughts or extreme.

Warned it is wrong when the cold is not urgent, use this sweater to dogs, some breeds have a double coat of hair as the St Bernard, Alaskan or Akita, in other his fur is rugged or even when it is easy.

However, the Xoloitzcuintle, lacking of strand, suffers more from the cold and the heat in addition to skin problems.

He stressed that the heat and humidity are two factors that play against the dogs, this is when it gets wet by the rain or those who do, by the way, however, some dogs tend to swim or get into water bodies without causing a problem.

He insisted on taking care of pets, to avoid leaving them exposed to the elements or tied to prevent them from covering of cold, heat or rain, it is necessary to have a home, either cardboard, plastic, cement or some other material.

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