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The touching story of this dog, and blind, and who spent a large part of his life in the street, only fuelled by the solidarity of the girls from the humane Society of San Francisco, shot the solidarity of other people.

After several years of trying to locate it in any home, Gabriela Paruccia, a woman who already had three pets adopted, she was moved by the situation of Newton and in a noble act of love, decided to take him to his house. For more than a month, the dog lives with his new family in barrio Sarmiento, where it adapted very well.

In an abandoned house

Before getting to the house of Gabriela, Newton lived in a vacant house with another dog , and every day members of the Protective brought them food. Until the house is put on sale, and they had to find a new place. Then came Gabrielle.

“For a long time I was looking for another pet, as I am home transit I found out about the situation of Newton, who was blind and I got it. We took it to the hairdresser, had an operation and is now in the house adaptadísimo,” he told Gabrielle in The Newspaper.

According to the woman, Newton has about 10 years and had never had a family. “It is a super active dog, very jovial, who likes to play. Sometimes he does not realize that is blind and walks triggered by all parties until it crashes against something,” he said.

Newton along with their «sisters» share a bed for sleeping.

Despite the fact that Gabriela has two females of the street on which it adopted and which are very territorial, Newton was very well received by their “new sisters”.

The woman, who also offered his home as shelter on several occasions, hopes her story will serve as an example for other people to offer to safeguard these and other pets who need special aid.

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