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AJPA, the Association Juninense Animal Protection is a non-profit organization, founded on the 29th of march in the year 1974. Is constituted by people who work ad honorem and has, in addition, with the help of co-workers disinterested, that daily rescue animals at risk to then be taken to receive veterinary care, with the purpose of is retrieved and given up for adoption.

Antonela Casimo and Yuki Panizza belong to AJPA and told The Truth what is the job that is performed daily in the animal shelter “St. Francis of Assisi”.

Yuki began by telling that “I was member number 25 of the Association. At that time, I had read in the newspaper that he had formed a humane society and I teamed up. In the foundation were present Mary Mitchell, Belén Pérez and Miguel Maltese and a mr. Bulgheroni. I associate it because I always liked animals and I come from a family kennel. My grandmother, in Italy, early 1900’s, was already a dog in the house, something that was not usual for the time”.

In the meantime, Antonela said that “about six years ago that I am a member of AJPA. Since I was a girl took care of her and rescuing animals, but alone, on my own. Didn’t know there was a protector and I was always very shameful. One day I was told that I needed people and there I took courage, and I went over. This love is born with one and I’ve always had animals living together”.

Love animals


From AJPA also expressed that there is to know how many animals one can have in your home in order to live.

On this, Casimo said, “you have to know how to help, because but terminás sick. You absorbs time, space, and economy. I know to put a limit to the animals that I have in my house, because there is also the hacinación with the animals”.

“One has to know that to know where, because then the dogs suffer and can’t live together. No space, no fights, and the person who attends also gets to be bad,” said Panizza


The shelter

Keep the shelter, which already has around 33 years, in conditions, which is located in a field to the side of The Land, is not an easy task.

It was Yuki Panizza who recounted that “I began to work actively with the shelter in the time of Mary Alciatti, I was a secretary. Currently, the president is Luciana Gomez Panizza and I the treasurer. We have around 800 members who pay a fee very small, it is a collaboration. Hence we pay the light, the caretaker, a helper, freight sent to The Meeting to seek the bread that we give, the Municipality donates the polenta, and Tassara gives us food, she only eat once or twice a week. They were cooking all day.”

“The aim is to give a place to those animals that are on the public highway without owner. They can be animals that have to heal them and then give up for adoption, and there are also others who become a danger to themselves and to third parties. This was the initial goal, when the city had many fewer people and fewer animals. Now we are saturated with 200 dogs. We only have dogs because if we were to bring other animals, there would be problems. We do not have facilities prepared to accommodate anything other than a dog. Now it became very important to the help of the protectionist independent, because we can’t do alone,” said Antonela.

Then, he added, “in our shelter are all the females spayed, there are still some males. We have some animals that are loose and have come alone, have been accepted and stayed, and others in the dog runs, that are entering more new. The dog runs are large, they are not overcrowded”.


What is needed

The Truth consulted protectionist about what that today there is a need for the shelter, to which they replied that “we need the people we donate everything that you no longer use more, trays, jars, plastic ice cream, crates of plastic, cuchas, drums, plastics, fences, posts, everything comes well. There are a lot of people who gives us food, medication, everything serves. We would also like people to draw on to collaborate and can be contacted through any of the pages we have on facebook”.

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