Without progress, research of animals poisoned in PY – UniObregon (press Release) (blog)

Friday, February 17 , 11:40 by Uniradio News

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By Fabiola Navarro

Cd. Obregon.- There is still no progress in the investigations by the killing of dogs and cats that occurred in the urban area of Pueblo Yaqui, since the month of December and in recent days has worsened.

Light Esther Salazar Leon, president of the Association for the protection of Animals, said Thursday that he has filed three complaints before the Public Ministry.

He reiterated that State Law Protection of Animals trademark in the case of mutilation or murder of pets, the people responsible should pay with jail time.

«What is maim, kill, hit him with cruelty, is regarded as a crime and in his case must be reported to the Public Ministry», he said.

She was quick to say that if you find the people responsible for this killing, should be punished with prison.

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