Without punishment responsible for the burning of a coyote – informational Level

San Luis Potosí, SLP.- The word “domestic” in the State Law of Animal Protection of San Luis Potosí, was what prevented those responsible of the burning of the coyote in Santo Domingo, received a criminal punishment, stated Claudia Anguiano, representative of the Association for the protection of Legal Animals (Prolean).

During 2016, circulated a video that sparked the outrage and the anger of many at the local, national and international levels. It looked like an animal caught fire and as he ran despavorido trying to put out the flames on his body, the attackers mocked what had happened.

This video was recorded in the community of Santa Matilda in Santo Domingo, San Luis Potosi. The video even caused the actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez, required by the Government of the State justice by the obvious animal abuse.

A little over a year of what happened, civil associations in pro of animal welfare, explained that the exoneration of the guilty, due to the fact that in the State Law of Animal Protection, “interferes”, the word “domestic”.

Then checked the animal hurt was not a dog but a coyote, ruled in favour of the sanction to those responsible for the aggression.

Anguiano, stated that it is necessary to amend this law that he presented in his time the former deputy panist, Alejandro Lozano González. This law provides that any citizen potosino be surprised mistreat a pet, you will receive sanctions such as the collection of fines, up to sentences ranging from three months up to a year in jail.

He explained that “home” translates to all that one animal to cohabit or coexist with the humans, so that they would remain unpunished cases of abuse to wild animals or wild, in the state.

“In the case of Santo Domingo, was one of the reasons why the court ruled against freeing the people under which they alleged that it was a coyote […] there was Not the opportunity, nor the tools, nor the sufficient support to continue with the inquiry, for the purpose of proving that the animal, despite the fact that was supposed to be a coyote , was living with the people of the community,” concluded the activist and advocate.


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