Women were distinguished by their permanent contribution – The Echo of Sunchales (press Release)

The City Council of Sunchales congratulates the seven women are recognized, and thank you for your commitment and work in favour of the development and growth of our city. In addition, we highlight the participation of the institutions that joined this initiative, with the interest of telling the story of each of these partners, thus highlighting its values and good deeds.

Women distinguished and institutions that proposed: Mary Magdalene Lallana, humane Association Sunchales; Iseley Rita Pagliero, House of the Child “Corner Sun”; Maria Alejandra Bougnon, Civil Association, Day Centre The Lighthouse; Lilliana Teresita Destéfanis, Grandfather’s House Fall Happy; Liliana del Carmen Tardivo, Club Atletico Union; Mercedes Sanchez and Maria Cristina Catalá, proposed by the School N° 1212 “Pioneers of Rochdale”.

For health reasons, Mary Magdalene Lallana was unable to be present and attended in representation of Judith Morra, a member of the board of Directors of the humane.

 The act of recognition was attended with the performance of the singer folk Claudia Banderas, and in the end are presented the play “the Women”, directed by Gabriel Fiorito and performed by local artists.

For those who want to know a little more about the lives of women distinguished by the Municipal Executive and the Legislative Body, is attached to this email a summary of what has been done by them in different organizations and areas of our city.

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