Work Municipality for the benefit of the animals – The Herald

Work Municipality for the benefit of the animals - The Herald 1

The government of the capital installed by the Advisory Council Municipal for the Protection of Animals 2017-2019, whose function will be to propose strategies and to conclude agreements aimed at strengthening actions in the field of animal welfare.

Hector Anaya Pérez, secretary of Public Services and the chair of the Advisory Council, called the civil society organizations, groupings, collegiate, and government institutions participating, to generate awareness among citizens to comply with their responsibilities as pet owners and assist in programs such as the spay canine and feline.

He said that Aguascalientes has the huge challenge of controlling the overpopulation and prevent the proliferation of animals in condition of street, vaccination, registration, and adoption, among others.

During an installation ceremony, conducted in the offices of the Secretariat of Public Services, the members of the Advisory Council, in charge of government agencies, schools, professionals and nine civil associations protective of animals, they assumed agreements aimed at strengthening actions in favour of these living beings.

As secretary of the Council was appointed the director of Municipal Public Health, Federico Moreno Flores; while the members will be in charge of the president of the College of Veterinarians of Small Species, Carlos Omar Lopez, Olac, and the president of the Club Canófilo of Agility and Work of Aguascalientes, Maria Guadalupe Price.

As members of the Advisory Council include the state attorney general Environmental Protection, Carlos Rodrigo Martín Clemente; the president of the College of Biologists, Maria Guadalupe Castorena Esparza; secretary of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Rosa Karina Ortega Gonzalez as well as representatives of the associations of protective animals Pit Bull Rescue BC, Claw, Strength, Animal, Cats-for-All, Grudevian, los Angeles Pet, Assisi, Humane Society International Mexico and the very active Friends ‘ association Pro Animal.

In his message, the secretary of Public Services and also the president of the agency, emphasized that one of the priorities of the mayor Teresa Jiménez Esquivel is the category of animal welfare, so that this Advisory Council represents an important entity to work hand-in-hand, with openness and willingness in the matter.

“This first session to which we have convened, it is the framework to legally install the Consultative Council for the Protection of Animals, insurance agencies, schools, associations and institutions involved will work in benefit of the animal population, with all the opening and all are available for you to ideas, proposals and recommendations will serve for the good of them”.

Anaya Perez reiterated that the function of the Consultative Council is precisely to establish the lines of action aimed at achieving the fair treatment and welfare of companion animals, because it is urged to promote a greater awareness among citizens to comply with their responsibilities as pet owners.

Finally, he noted that more states are to work and walk on the same line, the greater will be the benefits for the population in general, but especially for pets, as it will ensure them a dignified development and healthy.

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