Workers of the municipality of Huanta would be poisoning to dogs – Daily Mail

A fact wild and despicable from any point of view, human would be committing in the province of Huanta, and is that a video reveals that a group of workers of the municipality would be poisoning the dogs of the city.

The video was propalado by a local channel Media TV, where it is observed that the workers on board of a vehicle compactor , shed pieces of food, possibly, with the poison.

The Society for the protection of Animals (Sopra), he regretted these actions and announced that it will report the fact to punish those responsible in the framework of the Law of Protection to the Animal.

IMAGES. The fact that it happened on the 3rd of February and was recorded by a surveillance camera, possibly the University of Huanta, which captures the precise moment that one of the workers with blue vest throws a piece of food (bread), moments after one of the dogs is apersona to ingest it, and then is carried from an emergency to a vet for signs of poisoning.

Residents of the area, pointed out that this is not the first time that happens this type of situation and that is that the deaths of their pets by poisoning are ongoing.

The representative of the humane Society of Ayacucho (Sopra), Libya Orellana showed outraged and rejected these actions of workers of the municipality of Huanta and announced that it will call.

“We are in the XXI century and it is not possible that there exist professional people that think of poison to animals as a mechanism to control the dog population,” he lamented.

For its part, the general manager of Huanta, Cayo Flores, pointed out that already began with the investigation and awaits the report of the Municipal departments for taking corrective actions.

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