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You can’t really qualify but as a genuine

desmesura, majadería, abuse and even misleading, given the

current conditions of the country, the processing of the Opinion that

yesterday was promoted, in the style of coven, the Commissions

United of Environment and Natural Resources and

Legislative research of the Senate of the Republic, to give

step free course to the Full, the cuestionadísimo project

General law of Biodiversity driven why Nymph


The broad rejection of the initiative simple and

simply earned them.

So… by your petulance, arrogance, and deafness is that

no longer do we endure, and do not understand.

In contrast, well and once and for all understood the huge value, delivery and necessity of the first order which are and mean to our well-being and survival of the pets, and very particularly the assistance dogs, among which of course are located FRIDA and fellow rescuers, animals, all that by the way Miguel Angel Mancera, Head of Government of the CDMX, and Manuel Granados, Legal Adviser, they should be a recognition extra, same that we can give by publishing as soon as possible the reform of the Law of Animal Protection which includes them in a special way, reminding the first of its promise to boost the project until you see it printed in the Official Gazette, to be treated, in addition, a work produced jointly between the Executive and the civil society, without omitting to point out also to the second, that as a top dog that was in the Legislative Assembly, knows the weight of a body voted unanimously, due to his nobility. Only that… it already passed more than two years, incredible as it may seem, as well as…

I Jijos!… already passed five months since that April 9 in which I met the destacadísima member of our Navy, the now famous FRIDA. This, during an event organized by José Ramón Amieva, holder of the Secretariat of Social Development, precisely in order to make known the wondrous and often vital work of these canines in their different facets. To be FRIDA presented by his handler, he immediately realized that captivated all and sundry after seeing it so serious and formal, wearing his uniform of THE NAVY, and his now characteristic team. I knew from then that this dog would break schemes and hearts, mostly now, have been the general view of his work as a rescuer, leaving to see that these animals go beyond what is possible; it’s best to have full consciousness of concentration in marking can make THE DIFFERENCE between saving a life or point out a corpse, that, even so, will allow their relatives to perform the usual mourning. God bless these dogs, that for the greater glory carry out their work with full joy. And for those who hesitate, were documented on the tails of the dogs the spaniards, who trained under specific method to go after what you go, without leaving uncertainty about their performance. And so as these creatures are also the dogs-listening, guides for blind persons, dogs or nurses, or detectors, and those of emotional support so necessary especially for single people or older adults. But…

Beyond the admiration that caused the copies to search engines, is the emotion of see that like, and with the same care, no matter the risk, rescuers, local, foreign and attended to the animals trapped, for which there were also amenities, special safe, for valiéndole the critical health, our Head of Government opened toooodos the shelters for the people affected and in need of having them at his side, they could remain. It was so they could appreciate the importance that these creatures have for the peace of mind of those who lost everything, and that today his motive of life is to reunite with her cat, parakeet, turtle, rooster, or dog. Such was the case of an older adult resident of the building collapsed in the streets of Scotland, whose kitten CAMILA was locked in her department. Thanks to their tenacity, wonderfully subdued by the of the protective Claudia Diaz and co, the minimum is already back with his dear friend. Stories to spare. Space does not. The go addressed…

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