You know the story of Lula and Simba: a bear and a lion … –

Lula and Simba are the last survivors of the beat-up zoo of Mosul. After two frustrated attempts, finally, the bear and the lion, coming to life away from the buzz of the war.

A humane international has concluded this week the complicated rescue of the animals and its transfer to Jordan, his new and peaceful home.

«We are happy to announce that the osa Lula and the lion Simba, the last survivors of the zoo Montazah al Murur, have abandoned finally Mosul», has been reported Tuesday the organization Four Paws, with headquarters in Vienna.

You know the story of Lula and Simba: a bear and a lion ... - 1

«The rapid response team has worked tirelessly to rescue Lula and Simba. Its courageous members entered in Mosul, not once but twice, to make sure that the animals do not become victims of the bloody conflict that has transfigured Mosul in a war zone,» explains the group that has signed your release.

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Last February, the story of Lula and Simba appeared as one of the stories of survival that have emerged amongst the residents of Mosul. Both animals suffered weeks of neglect and starvation to which the troops were taken from the enclave to the jihadists.

«The skirmishes between the army and the Daesh converted the area into a territory very dangerous. While we were able, we came to feed them. To avoid the cross-fire, we used to come crawling on the ground,» he said then to THE WORLD Abu Omar, the owner of the zoo located on the banks of the Tigris.

You know the story of Lula and Simba: a bear and a lion ... - 2

«There were people of Mosul that was placed in danger to care for them. The animals behaved like people. It frightened her so much to hear the sound of the attacks and sought refuge in interior rooms, away from the area outside of the cage. They trusted glued to the walls,» added Abu Omar.

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The race was decimating the zoo, that in the time before the bickering came to a house four lions, two bears, several monkeys, tigers, horses and a wide variety of birds.

The conditions in which they lived to luck Simba and Lula were miserable. Were found in small and rudimentary cages, filled with dirt and excrement, in an area used as a barracks by the militants of the Islamic State.

You know the story of Lula and Simba: a bear and a lion ... - 3

They are now in excellent conditions at The New Hope center, a jordanian who welcomed him; after weeks of bureaucracy leading up to your trip from the airport of Erbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdistan region, and two failed attempts of evacuation.

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