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The animal world is still not surprising to humans because they leave us with some lessons that we should continue to grow as people. This is the case of a cat called Amber, who lost her pups just a week before the day of the mother. The pet felt depressed, only slept and did not eat, until the vets decided to take him to Flame, a kitten that was abandoned.

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Flame is a kitten orphan that was abandoned on the street with bruises and a slight swelling in his eyes. The little animal was very sick and was taken to the “Atlanta Humane Society (AHS), the veterinarians gave him a hope of life, until he met Amber, the cat that would change his existence.

Conoce a esta gata que perdió a todos sus hijos, luego este gatito huérfano llegó para cambiarle la vida [VIDEO]

“She lost all her babies, but not their maternal instincts,” commented one of the vets at the Atlanta Humane Society. Amber quickly took the small kitten giving a lot of love and abrazandolo. “The distressed mother immediately took to the little kitten, managed, hugged and healed your wounds”, was the veterinarian in charge of the care of Amber and Flame.

The mother and the baby are under the care of the protective association of animals and very soon you will be in adoption. The managers comment that it would be good for a family to adopt the two pets as they have formed a strong bond and if separated, might suffer again.


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Conoce a esta gata que perdió a todos sus hijos, luego este gatito huérfano llegó para cambiarle la vida [VIDEO]

Without a doubt, this case has left us a great teaching which is to give love to one who has lost everything.

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