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In Zapala there is a pet every 2.7 residents.

The data emerges from the annual report of the Secretary of Environment, municipal, and only were registered the pets with responsible ownership, by which the figure grows considerably when you take into account the thousands of dogs that roam the city.

To address this problem the municipality works on the implementation of a system of registration of dogs and in a center-of-control canine.

The first census of pet dogs and cats conducted by the municipality between march and July of 2016 in this city, yielded a total 14.510 animals, of which only 37% are neutered.

Of that 37 %, the largest part of the castrated corresponds to the females (28%) while only 9% are males.

The registry system is also evaluated characteristics such as access to the public road and dangerousness of the animals.


To these official data we must add the thousands of dogs who today roam the streets of this town, so we estimate that the figure would increase considerably.

In fact, the municipal authorities estimate that there are more than 10,000 dogs in the streets of the city.

The constant complaints of the neighbors is accentuated even more by the social networks, and all emphasize the large number of dogs abandoned in the public right of way.

During the past year there were several reports by bites, dangerous dogs and animals loose on the street, the complaints were recepcionadas in the State Prosecutor’s office, in police stations and the Prosecutor’s office of the municipality.

At present, there exists in the city a protective association that is dedicated to give up for adoption pets and that carries out campaigns of castration-free for dogs and cats.

In the meantime, the municipality for the 2016 I 1.177 castrations free of charge in the municipal hall of Castration, and in the neighborhoods, in compliance with the municipal Ordinance 334/08, informing neighbors about the importance of the canine castration and the adoption of measures of a fork responsible.

To improve the operation of the program has been incorporated into the municipal staff to a professional veterinarian and two assistants of castration, adding up to days of castration, and is joined to the protective organization “Adoptions Zapala” to the work of dissemination and assistance for the care of stray animals.

Also signed a convention with professionals and veterinarians and veterinary clinics of the city to derive animals for castration to the private schools, being paid for these economically in the fee for management of waste and pathogens.

According to municipal authorities, the number of animals without tenure responsible in this city means a serious environmental problem.

To treat this problem there were 68 talks in educational establishments, working especially in the field of responsible pet ownership.

At the time that you are working on a program of sterilization neighborhood, with a schedule stable, more the capturing of stray dogs for his immediate castration, and the outfitting of a trailer as an operating room mobile.

In addition, it is planned the operation of the Center-of-canine control, to contain situations that pose risks to the health and hygiene of the environment, the more the implementation of a system of registration of dogs.

This record will establish the characteristics of the animal, such as breed, size, sex, coat color, name, traits of aggressiveness, diseases, behavior, anomalous, weight, vaccination and deworming.

In addition, the registry shall establish the personal data of the owner, such as surname and name, document of identity, address, telephone number, nature of the tenure, and the proceedings conducted in the case of the owners not necessarily fulfill the current legislation.

Planning for the operation of the center-of-canine control, to contain situations that are risky for the health and hygiene of the environment.

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