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José Luis Ojeda (50), pointed to sexually abuse children and a dog in the Institute Antonio Próvolo, have photos with the dogs of the place in your profile of Facebook, and the complaint will use it as a test for the investigation of the case of bestiality is reactivated.

The shocking case emerged when one of the people who are abused told during a camera Gesell that he saw Ojeda holding relations with a dog. At that time the man developed administrative tasks in the place.

The story of the victim data of facts that would have occurred between the 2014 and 2015, which coincidentally matches the pictures of the animals posted by the accused on the social network during those years.

This last fact would complicate the complaint, the Association Reunion for the integrated Life by lawyers for Oscar Mellado, Ignacio Segura, and Denis Pizzolatto, and that it could be a crime prescribed.

However, the association shall have recourse to the Law, Sarmiento N° 14.346, article 3, subsection 7, which speaks of acts of cruelty against animals: “Hurt and trample animals intentionally, causing them to torture or unnecessary suffering or to kill them just for the spirit of perversity”, in order not to lose the battle.

Mellado told The Sun that Monday will be the formal presentation of the photos as evidence, since one of the dogs that come out is pointed by a witness as «missing, then that transcended the fact».

The plaintiff Mellado told The Sun that, “while the Justice does not consider bestiality as a crime, we will indicate that the dog is abused, he was subjected to an act of cruelty. So, we will ask for specialist medical assessments to detect the lesions of the canes of the Próvolo”.

The pointed zoodofilo is a man hipoacúsico who performed administrative tasks in the religious establishment and had direct contact with the animals. This is visible in your account of Facebook, which has published photos with the dogs.

The defendant is hosted currently in the prison of Boulogne Sur Mer, after having been charged for sexual abuse aggravated and corruption of minors, after that I knew that the man was receiving orders from the priests, Nicolas Corradi, and Horacio Corbacho, for practice violations and felaciones.

His disability was used as a strategy by the defense to declare unimpeachable, however the research indicated that Ojeda was aware of the criminality of their acts.

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