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Zoológico en Argentina es acusado de drogar a sus animales para que los visitantes tomen ‘selfies’
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Recently it triggered a hot controversy in the zoo of Luján in Argentina, and after that this began to allow to their visitors to have direct contact with the animals which it houses.

Several photos and videos circulating on the networks where you can observe the visitors stroking and taking photos with the animals in their own cage, who is somehow surprising not attack you and remain pretty still, some were observed in a state clearly sleepy or completely asleep.

The zoo says that this is because these animals were never wild and were born in captivity, are well fed and have been subjected to a “training of meekness.”

“These animals were never born in an area wild. Lived all their lives in captivity, so they don’t have a savage condition. We work closely with them, mejorándoles the environment and the treatment of caregivers. That allows us to have a very close bond with them. Working with different activities in order to reduce to the maximum the instinct of wild animals that lived all their life in captivity”, said in an interview to Infobae.

And added: “in Addition, it would be madness to think about the procedures that we would have to follow to be able to drogarlos. We would have to use tranquilizer darts, which are in effect for less than an hour. Drugs are a huge threat to your health, and if we’re getting high, constantly, would not survive, it’s crazy just thinking about it”.

However, a number of sources, mostly all kinds but mainly activists of animal protection claim (with evidence of course) have been witnesses of various irregularities. For example, that the animals they have been known to sleep up to 8 hours during the time that the zoo is open.

“They look like dead in life”, said a journalist frenchwoman named Jeanne Pouget, who was a witness of these things.

Since then, these practices, as for example the direct contact with animals are strictly prohibited according to the Argentine law of citizen security, such as the law 12.238, which prohibits the feeding or direct contact with wild animals.

The 8th Article reads further that “the zoos will be directly responsible for the safety of the animals, the public and staff as well as the infrastructure.”

Criminal law on Animal Protection No. 14.346, where its article 2 indicates that “shall Be considered acts of abuse: encourage them with drugs without pursuing therapeutic purposes”.

Despite the serious allegations imputed to the zoo until the day of today, this is continuing to operate in the same way 365 days a year.

But in the end there is a ray of hope, as several associations of protective animals are already moving to do something about it.

Since then, in part to provide evidence to support your case “Animalistic Independent Argentina recently launched a petition in change.org that gained enough popularity to require the immediate closure of this zoo, currently has more than 110 thousand people who have supported this petition.

According to the organization “Animal-Independent Argentina”, “it is an open secret and we need to enforce the law, which is to close the access of the people to the cages and the animals are relocated to sanctuaries”.

Watch the following video, what do you think?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTD6vgAM8Mc?feature=oembed&w=618&h=348]

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