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The dog pitbull that goes by the name of Rocco and I would have taken the life of Rosa Lina López Arango, 89 years old, in the district Republic of Israel, east of Cali, depending on the version of the authorities, is being evaluated by experts of the Center of Zoonosis of the ministry of Health of the city.

The canine coloured white and with black spots that has eight months of age, came nearly two months the family of the older adult, now deceased in the attack. His grandson of 17 years led him to rescue him from a house where the dog was not fed, was mistreated and lived chained.

After the attack on Rosa Lina, the dog was taken to one of the rooms of the dwelling and the authorities sedated with pills to be able to transport it to the headquarters of Zoonoses. There he spent the night and Luz Marina Trujillo, veterinary medical center says that Rocco gets nervous behavior, and aggressive.

Grandmother of 89 years died in Cali after being attacked by a pitbull…

“The dog is in good body condition, it is a mix between pitbull and possibly shar pei. Not allowed to touch, it is retracted and does not allow to get too close because she growls, does not allow us to place water and food with ease. This makes you see that his behavior is not ideal for an animal of coexistence or company. Anyway, you should take into account that they are animals hyperactive that requires a person to really master it, because among other things, this animal has a ability to on your jaw and muscles strong,” explained Trujillo, the medical veterinary and Zoonotic diseases.

For about ten days, Rocco will be under observation to determine if they should be sacrificed. Even this might take more time because Zoonoses will have to go to the house of the family to collect information on the canine.

According to the vet, it will be difficult for Rocco return to the hands of their owners, after this incident, and that the decision to apply euthanasia will also depend on the research carried out by the Prosecutor’s office.

“The law is very clear and when you give assault canines that leave a permanent injury to a person, in this case the loss of a human life, there is the possibility of euthanasia compassionate. All of this depends on the observation of the animal, of the documents, immunizations and over-all behavior. If you are not an animal for coexistence may not be output as it could happen something similar,” added the veterinary medical.

This case would be the first of this type, registered in Cali, where a dog kills a person, they said the officials of the Secretariat of Health.

In front of the issue, defenders of animals protested in the capital of the Valle del Cauca. Require that before making any decisions about the life of Rocco, I would wait for the opinion of the Legal Medicine that supports the causes and times of death of the elderly, to clarify if the perpetrator is the canine.

“In the event that Legal Medicine say that the dog is not responsible for the death of the lady, Rocco should be turned over to a foundation protector that allows you to recover, that will respect life. We have seen the dog in the cage on Zoonoses, and note that it is not aggressive, he lets us touch so that we do not agree with what was said by the veterinary doctor,” said Jairo Marin, a defender of animals.

During so far this year, have been reported 13 cases of attacks by canines of breeds that are potentially dangerous.

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